£20 can of paint transformation! (lounge re-do)

Our lounge or front room is one of the rooms that we haven’t touched since we moved in 4.5 years ago, mainly because it was one part of the house that didn’t need gutting and a complete overhaul.

The above photo is the one from the estate agents brochure and how we saw the room when we first viewed the house. As you can see, it is a white box with very practical, but ugly vertical blinds straight out of the 80’s! But the natural light had me sold.

When the extension commenced in 2016, it was our everything room! Jays desk sat in the corner, my sewing machine next to the TV and eventually a rack of kitchen essentials and a microwave and we lived out of here for approximately 5 months whilst we were without a kitchen. It was our sanctuary during the renovations and the kids and I pretty much lived in this little space for half a year, so it has served us well.

(These photos were prior to the kitchen items being moved in)

As you can see – everything about the room was left neutral, the walls, the blinds – we simply moved our furniture in and managed to cobble together a few photos on the wall and try and make it our own.

But it did always just feel like a white box. (And who, on earth, has white walls with kids in the house I ask you?)

That was until a couple of months ago when I knew Jay would be working outside in the garden for the day and I thought I could make a start on this little white box. This is where Jay and I differ exponentially. The engineering/logical mind in him says ‘let’s plan, let’s prepare, let’s think this thorough’ I am more ‘Let’s do it and see how we feel about it’

So whilst he was digging, I started painting.

When he came in from outside, a corner of the lounge had gone from this – to this:


Bit of a change…no?!

The great thing about starting these projects without Jay’s knowledge is that I get to see his face and his honest reaction, when he sees the change for the first time.

And it was a positive reaction – so I continued!


The grey wall with the TV on was a happy accident – by which I mean I ran out of paint and used the last of the bathroom paint to finish that wall…which shall we just call a ‘feature’ wall??

I felt like that wall needed something to tie it all in to the rest of the room, so flying pugs it was!

I had originally bought a pink set from Pugs Might Fly which were going to come and live with me in my craft room. But knowing how much use this living room gets, I really wanted them on full display and pride of place, so I painted them.

They are my favourite part of the room.

All of the furniture was ours already, it has just been relocated from other rooms where it didn’t fit. The only new piece I bought was the foot rest, from Ebay.

I LOVE this foot rest, I think it brings the whole room together perfectly and Bella appreciates it too

The gallery wall is a collection of art that was in fact already on that wall which I have added bits too from the loft. The very positive thing about moving from the US to the UK is that our wall space n the States was huge, so I still have collections of art, frames, mirrors etc that have never made it onto our walls here.

I am pleased to announce that both hubs and the kids are diggin the new colours and Jay and I finally have a space that feels a little more grown up and relaxing.

Whilst there are a few more finishing touches I would like to do, they will come as and when I find the right things at the right price, but for now -i’m content!