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Creating a Sewing Room (Cross Stitch Wall)

With the finishing up of the extension to the house, this has been one of the last rooms to be transformed. We knew very early on in the process of adding to our home that we were doing this to create a space for our family. Yes we would end up with a space that…

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Downstairs Bathroom Re-Do

We have this tiny little downstairs bathroom (half bath as we’d call it in the States) and it is a new addition with the extension. Our extension started in 2016 – turning our 3 bed house into a 4 bed house with an office and big, open plan kitchen/living area. The downstairs bathroom was something…

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Unexpected Blessings

Sometimes blessings show up in unexpected places – that has been the case for me. 3 Weeks ago, we were in New York. A last minute family trip during half term that was blissful…busy, but blissful. There is something about the energy of New York that is intoxicating. The streets were as busy at 5.30am…

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