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From the heart

Many months ago, I found a company whose products I loved. They were bright, happy colours and had some messages that I liked. I approached them about stocking them as part of my gift boxes…..and heard nothing. Fast forward to a few months later – and I had made contact with them on numerous occasions…

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*Happy Dance*

A couple of weeks ago, Dee got an email. An email from a journey that started back in March and came after days and days of creating a written application… Followed by an in-person interview… Followed by a ‘Dragons Den’ style presentation… And 4 months after the process began, Dee was awarded a place on…

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Wall Transformation (for under £10)

Our little bathroom downstairs has had quite the transformation of late. Yet there was still one little wall that seemed too blank. I figured inspiration would come and i’d find a picture or a wall hanging and just lived with it for the last 6 months. And then it clicked….Angel’s butterfly wall! Anyone who has…

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