7 Days Until Launch

I am sat in the dark, in a hotel room in London, watching the London marathon on the TV, waiting for my family to emerge from dreamland. Last night we got to walk the streets of our nations capital, with two wide-eyed children – all of us soaking in the beauty of it all.  At 9pm the streets seemed even more alive than they had all day, the energy and buzz of London never ceases to amaze me.

My mind is crowded with ideas for the launch party I am hosting for family and friends in 7 days time. I am glad we made the decision to get away for a couple of nights at the end of the Spring Holiday (and use up some of those Marriott rewards that my travelling hubby often accrues) Not only has this meant a couple of days of adventure and togetherness as a family, it is also meant that I have had to stop planning and stressing over the launch of Faith, Hope and Sunshine – which is happening in just one week.

A launch that will finally showcase this little business to the people who mean the most to me and have supported me in following my dream.

And I will choose to embrace the next seven days, the butterflies of nervousness, the details of planning…all of it and completely embrace this new chapter for our family.

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