Our Story:

Dee Bushrod is the driving force behind Faith, Hope & Sunshine, home to unique, meaningful and heartfelt gifts.

Back in 2016, when her friend experienced a life-changing diagnosis, Dee saw firsthand how people wanted to reach out and show their love and support.

Flowers started arriving at her friends home and it became obvious that flowers, although beautiful, are not always the best choice to send someone who is sick.

At a time when her friend should have been resting and healing, she would be interrupted by knocks at the door and then was forced to 'do' something with the flowers - find a vase, cut them down, dispose of packaging and then within a week, they would be thrown away.

Dee saw the need for letterbox sized gift boxes filled with unique and meaningful items and that marked the humble beginnings of Faith, Hope and Sunshine.

It was only after speaking with others that Dee recognised that there are many times - illness, new baby, the struggle with depression/anxiety that a gift through the letterbox, without any knock at the door - would be beneficial.

Whether you need to reach out to a friend in need, or send a little reminder to someone that they are loved, Faith, Hope & Sunshine gives you a place to get inspired.

-> Say hello to Dee: dee@faithhopeandsunshine.com

Dee Bushrod
Loves Chardonnay, good coffee and has a passion for sewing. She hates sweet wine. She and her husband Jay have two kids, one cat, and one pug, who is spoiled rotten.
Bella Bushrod
Chief Product Taster/Lap Warmer
Bella is now Chief Doggy Product Tester and gets to decide which products Faith, Hope and Sunshine stock. She loves any food, constant attention and trips to the park!

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