Perfection in Paris

The last few months seem to have been a whirlwind of activity. Faith, Hope and Sunshine is changing direction and with that comes lots of planning and work, behind the scenes. I am excited for these changes and ready for them, but I am also so very tired! Without my calendar on the fridge, detailing…

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Change and Chaos

I was recently chatting with a friend, about the chaos of the past year for me. He, a very charismatic Christian, spoke about chaos and how often we welcome it in to our lives and I reluctantly agreed. We make decisions that invite chaos in and then suffer the consequences like we had no idea…

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Happy 2019!

Our family rang in the New Year at home, surrounded by family and friends (and curry!) We hosted a curry competition, with each family bringing a curry and people voted on their favourite three. With 10 currys in total (all amazing) it was a tough decision, but Jay got the most points for his chicken…

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The Most Sacred of Seasons

Christmas 2018 was one of calm, peace, joy and family – exactly what all of us needed. The days were peaceful and stress-free, with all external expectations put upon my little family completely ignored, it was bliss. I spent my days creating, finding joy and comfort in the process of making and carving out time…

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We are on the move!! An international relocation has forced us to close temporarily, but will be re-launching in Dec 2020! Dismiss