Changes on the horizon..

There have been changes on the cards for a while now, work behind the scenes that has been ongoing and pretty secret. All of this as a result of following my heart and taking Faith, Hope and Sunshine to a place where I think it should be.

I want to take a second to explain this path and how I have arrived here, because of how it has all progressed so naturally.

Back in 2014 I set up a website – Craft Wookie.

We still lived in the States back then and because sewing and creating had helped me so much through my walk with depression, I knew it could help others too.

So I started fundraising. Within a month I had 3 sewing machines gifted, umpteen bags of fabric and I was about to embark on training to recognise the warning signs of teens involved in sex trafficking.

The plan was to go into different organisations – group homes for teens in the system, care homes for the elderly and lead creativity classes. Classes that they made something tangible and in the process they learned a new skill, interacted with others and grew in confidence.

For those that were really interested, I also had little projects ready for them to take away and do in their own time.

All of this was funded through classes I taught to others – going into churches and leading creative days and selling items I had created myself.

The plan was set, the wheels were in motion and I was excited.

And then we got the call to move home…back to the UK for my husbands job.

And in August 2014 we moved back to Hampshire, England.

The sewing machines were gifted to other charities in Oklahoma, fabric was packed into boxes – some of it, not to be seen for four years. This dream of mine was shelved.

The next four years were a blur of new schools, settling uprooted children, extending a house with two years of mess and DIY and really not having any space, physically, to create and craft in.

I launched Faith, Hope and Sunshine two years ago as a way of enabling people to reach out to others who were hurting, to let them know that they were loved. But ultimately, the motivation behind that was to give women the opportunity to connect, grow and gain confidence – all of which I experienced through creativity.

And sharing that experience so that others could benefit from their own creative journey was what was at the very foundation of my heart.

Classes will be offered for unique, quirky crafts that you will be proud to display or gift! And by attending these creative events, not only will you have a blast, you will also enable us to host them for others, so they can benefit from the healing power of creativity.

So, with the wheels in motion – I am scouring the UK for unique crafters who will teach their craft, venues that will host the events and participants looking forward to a new creative experience.

If you are a creative that would like to teach – get in touch!

If you have a venue that would be suitable for an event – get in touch!

If you are someone who would like to make something funky and cool – sign up below!

Or even if you just want to say Hi….please get in touch!

I am excited for the new path Faith, Hope and Sunshine is on now and would love for you to walk this journey with me x



We are on the move!! An international relocation has forced us to close temporarily, but will be re-launching in Dec 2020! Dismiss