Coffee and Dreams

Every week, on a Monday morning, with the kids safely at school and the busyness of the weekend still in my memory – I grab an hour for myself.

I head into town, hair usually dishevelled, makeup free and embrace a whole hour of coffee and dreaming.

This time of the morning it is still quiet, despite it being market day – I am usually alone in my favourite coffee shop, cocooned away in a corner and I write. I write about my plans, my dreams for my family and for Faith, Hope and Sunshine, the things i’ve learned over the last week, the joy I have experienced.

It is an unstructured time in which creativity usually flows freely and ideas fill my pages.

It s a beautiful way to start the week and one that I push myself to do, even if I am not in the mood for creativity and dreaming. In fact those are usually the days that I get most from it. I understand how sacred this time is now and protect it fiercely – the guilt of others expectations from me at that time – have been replaced with thanksgiving.

I recognise this is a time to recharge, to dream, to create and to just ‘be’

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