Creating a Sewing Room (Cross Stitch Wall)

With the finishing up of the extension to the house, this has been one of the last rooms to be transformed.

We knew very early on in the process of adding to our home that we were doing this to create a space for our family. Yes we would end up with a space that would mean that we would be able to host family events and invite others into our home, but ultimately this space was for us, first and foremost.

Which is why we ultimately made the decision to scrap the idea of a spare bedroom that would get used once in a while and transform it into an area that I would use daily.


And I love it.

I have re-purposed much of the furniture that we already had.

The beautiful pink vanity has been in Maddys bedroom for 7 years and I couldn’t see it go when her bedroom was updated back in Feb, so it has joined me in my room.


Everything from the ruffle curtains to the white chair in the corner nook, has come from other parts of the house and not bought new.


I’ve been able to fully let myself go and hang every picture on the wall that I have wanted and I fully expect this gallery wall to just grow and grow.


Nick nacks and items that make me smile and inspire me are on display on the open shelves – one of the only things we bought new from Ikea.

And the end wall has had its own transformation, with the addition of a little cross stitch painting I did.


The painting was simple – having found a cross stitch image I liked, I printed off the pattern and drew a grid on the wall (scaling the pattern up to 1″ boxes)

And then simply dug out some acrylic paints from the kids craft box and started with the green, following the pattern:

The finish design is approx 31″ x 28″ and took around 1.5 hours to complete.

I am really happy with the final design and think that I could even go much bigger next time.