Dandelions and Unicorns

All of the gifts boxes I create for Faith, Hope and Sunshine are from my heart.

I often have a person in mind, who has inspired them. The Dandelions and Unicorns box was no exception.

My daughter – Maddy, my firstborn, my sassy little teenage firecracker, who always keeps me on my toes, yet also slays me with her sensitivity and insight, is the reason I dreamed up Dandelions and Unicorns.

We will often walk our family dog – Bessie, together. Bessie is an elderly, blind pug that we rescued from a puppy mill 3 years ago. She is pretty much completely blind and despite three years of unconditional love, she still carries the mental scars of abuse and neglect and when it comes to going for walks, you have to be on your A-game.

Bessie is one tough cookie to walk….she darts about from left to right without any notice. She thinks she understands where she is and will try to dart across the road to get to the park, when we are still 200 yards away. She definitely keeps me and Mads on our toes! Yet in the midst of the ‘walking chaos’ Maddy will stop when she comes across a dandelion and pick it!

Something she has done since she was a toddler – there is still something magical about them to her!

So when I was starting to put ideas together for gift boxes, it was Maddy that reminded me how magical dandelions are – even as a teenager, even when we were walking Bessie and completely distracted…they are still magical….and that is a little insight that my sweet girls (or girls!) inspired me and as a result the Dandelions and Unicorns box was born.

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