Downstairs Bathroom Re-Do

We have this tiny little downstairs bathroom (half bath as we’d call it in the States) and it is a new addition with the extension. Our extension started in 2016 – turning our 3 bed house into a 4 bed house with an office and big, open plan kitchen/living area.

The downstairs bathroom was something we wanted finished quickly. Guests use it and without it we had to go upstairs to access the only other bathroom in the house,

So, I finished it quick. I painted the walls a very neutral magnolia colour (after priming and painting the new plaster) and was ecstatic to have found a ceiling mounted chandelier on clearance with 75% off to jazz it up a bit.

Whilst my philosophy is that EVERY room of the house is important, by the time the bathroom was ready to be functional, I had already been painting for weeks and was very ready to stop painting and have a break.

The tiles are the same as in the kitchen (because I love them so!) and I laid every one myself.

And that is how our bathroom has been for the last two years.

But the trouble is…I wanted to paint the room really really dark. To go against every common sense bone in my body and create a space that was dark and classy.

A space that would highlight the amazing chandelier I found and would be unexpected to guests.

And so…I did.

The paint is a dark dark, matt grey. I text my brother photos during the transformation and his text back one word ‘yuk’

Maddy walked past me painting and grimaced, when I said ‘what do you think’ she replied ‘well I don’t HATE it’

I have had this feedback before and it has all come together and been successful, but I must admit, every time there is that moment where I think ‘Is this going to work??!’

Anyways, I carried on – my vision of the small bathroom as well as being dark, had some kind of beautiful, artistic element. The only problem I faced was the fact that the room is so tiny and any art hung on that right wall above the radiator, would potentially get knocked off.

So I scoured the internet.

I found these amazing floral decals that seemed like a perfect way to bring in some beauty and uniqueness without the bulk of picture frames. However, the ones I loved were around £150 and the ones that were cheaper, has such bad reviews that it almost seemed like a waste even trying them.

So, I painted my own.

After finding an image of vintage flowers online, I printed it off and then used it as a guide.

Was it accurate to the image…nope!

Was it detailed like the image…nope!

But the truth is, it doesn’t have to be, I am no artist and if I can do it, anyone can!

With an investment of all of £5 in acrylic paints, I have started transforming that wall into something I like.

I loved the whole process of this transformation.

And the fact that it was easy and inexpensive to create such a transformation.

And the best bit? That my sceptical/frightened family have come around to the finished room and love it!