In the beginning..

Faith, Hope and Sunshine has been a dream that has been on my heart for years.

To be able to create a place, where people can find meaningful, whimsical and heartfelt gifts for their loved one, has been wonderful.

But, it has also been scary! The fear of failure is often paralysing and has delayed the launch of this dream for a while now! Even when the website was finished, even when the products were chosen and photographed, even when I had everything ‘ready to go’ I still delayed.

Because this little corner of the web, is also a very personal corner of my heart. A journey with real life emotions, passions and experience that has lead me to this place.

But, with 9 days and counting – Faith, Hope and Sunshine is about to launch and I am excited and scared all in one.

But I am ready to take that last step, the big step – where you ‘do it afraid’ anyways (something I tell my kids alllllll the time! oh irony, how you slay me!!)

So, soon she will be unveiled, in all her glory and I will pray that Faith, Hope and Sunshine blesses many people and gives them the opportunity to spread the love, to their loved ones.

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