The Gypsy Wife Quilt

Making quilts has been like therapy to me since I made my first one 15 years ago.

There is something about the whole process that is calming, demands that you be present in the moment and is a beautiful outlet for creativity.

Each part of the process is very different – the dreaming that comes with picking out a pattern and fabrics. The precision of cutting the blocks and then the magic of sewing them.

As the quilt grows, you get a glimpse of the finished piece – but even when the quilt top is completely put together, you still have the backing to add and the quilting to decide on, which can transform the look of the quilt altogether.

Each step is very different and demands attention, dedication and a small amount of skill. There are parts of the process that I love more than other parts and there are times that is dictated by the mood I am in. Sometimes, I just want to sit and sew at my machine, other times hand stitching the binding whilst sat watching TV is pure perfection – which is probably why I, like most quilters, have quilts in varying stages of being put together.

Over the course of 2019 I hosted a small, local quilt along once a month, putting together the Gypsy Wife Quilt by Jen Kingwell.

It was a lovely way of breaking down a gorgeous quilt that can look a bit overwhelming to tackle all at once.

It was a quilt I had made before (pics above) back in 2015 and in quilting circles, its quite a well known quilt. I had made it with only scraps from my stash before and I loved the look of it. But I had always wanted to ‘plan one out’ and use colour graduation and a white background.

And so this year was the perfect time to do it…

And so, plan it out and sew it – I did!

I have never made myself a quilt before – I have always made them for others to give as gifts, so to plan one out and make it just for me was nice.

It is so different and I love it.

The ladies making the quilt with me are just finishing up their quilt tops and I am excited to see them in all their glory in our final session in Jan 2020.

I still have work to do on my Gypsy Wife – I need to choose backing and baste it with batting and then I have decided to quilt it by hand – which is a completely new to me and I know will take me a long while.

It just feels right that a quilt has been planned and made so meticulously, deserves to be finished with lots of love and attention.

And that is why quilts continue to be, my therapy

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