The Most Sacred of Seasons

Christmas 2018 was one of calm, peace, joy and family – exactly what all of us needed.

The days were peaceful and stress-free, with all external expectations put upon my little family completely ignored, it was bliss.

I spent my days creating, finding joy and comfort in the process of making and carving out time just for the four of us.

Christmas day was relaxed, food preparation was done in the days proceeding leaving the day free for present opening, decorating the table and just ‘being’

Our simplified Christmas felt like how Christmas should be. No pressure, no expectations, no stress.

The hubby and I managed to steal moments away during the run up to Christmas and a few times, when it was busy – we found ourselves sat in the corner of a pub, enjoying a gin and tonic and talking. It was a good ‘reset’ and the perfect way to remember what was really important.

We have huge plans for this little family of ours for 2019, more focus on us and plenty of adventures in store.