The truth of the matter..

Yesterday I was rained on, on and off – all day.

Which you think i’d be use to living in England. But I was very unprepared all day, which lead to me looking like a drowned rat for most of the day. I thought it would be amusing to take a photo of my unprepared, rain-swept self and send it to my husband (who is travelling with work) the trouble is, I am awful with selfies. I can’t take a decent photograph to save my life. So when I snapped the following picture:

I took one look at it and thought ‘Nope! there is no way I am sending this photo to my husband!’

Vain much??!

I quickly forgot about the photo and carried on with my day, getting drenched another few times. When I arrived home at 3pm all I wanted to do was get changed out of my wet clothes, put something comfy on (ahem *PJs* ahem) and snuggle with the pug and have a cup of tea before my kids came home.

That’s when I got the call – a call from a local newspaper, who wanted to feature my new business, but they needed a photo of me…with my gift boxes.

Well, crap.

Knowing full well I cannot be trusted to take any kind of photograph of myself, I knew I would need to utilise my daughter’s photography skills as soon as she got home from school in just 30 minutes time and take advantage of the light in the kitchen before it started getting dark (it was a very gloomy, rainy, miserable day)

So my idea to relax with the pug and drink tea was replaced by a flurry of activity to get changed, try and salvage makeup and dry/curl/primp my hair so that I didn’t look like i’d just been dug up.

I then set about cleaning my kitchen counters so that the background of the photo was clear!

Maddy did her duty and we managed to snap this photo that I sent to the newspaper:

And as soon as I sent it to the journalist, I realised just how amusing this whole event was.

I had snapped a photo, earlier in the day – that I wasn’t even prepared to share with my hubby! Yet it was far more representative of me that day (and most days to be honest!) and yet here was this carefully staged, well lit photo – with my hair full of products to try and tame it back into something that looked ok and a pose that said ‘Oh Hi! I am just working here, but if you need a quick snap…go ahead!’ When I was really stood there, bottom half still clothed in my PJ’s, kitchen a mess from relocating items from the background of the photo and me wanting to pose about as much as I wanted to get rained on again!

It struck me that truth-telling is important to me.

This business is an opportunity for me to touch people’s lives, help them feel loved and part of that process for me, is being honest and transparent and not just showing the best parts of life.

Even if it is less than flattering!



  1. Sean on July 13, 2018 at 11:59 am

    Nice piece Devida. #reallife lol.

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