Perfection in Paris

The last few months seem to have been a whirlwind of activity.

Faith, Hope and Sunshine is changing direction and with that comes lots of planning and work, behind the scenes.

I am excited for these changes and ready for them, but I am also so very tired!

Without my calendar on the fridge, detailing our family activities – I would have been lost. Everyday seemed to bring a new appointment, a new activity or just something that needed to be done for the business and my family.

But I knew at the end of this period, a special time was coming.

5 nights away in Paris with Mr B.

Whilst for some of it, Mr B was in fact working (Paris Airshow) he also booked in time to celebrate our 17th wedding anniversary and some well needed down-time with his wife.

We celebrated our Anniversary with a trip to the Eiffel tower, brunch in a little French cafe and a relaxing evening of good food and even better company.


In my alone-times, I have slept (without guilt of something needs to be done) walked the streets of Paris and sat people-watching for hours.

I have had the space and time to dream and plan for Faith, Hope & Sunshine during the days and in the evenings I get to get dressed up and head out with my handsome husband and enjoy the beauty of this place.

We soaked it all in – Paris, the beauty, time with each other.

We attended a work-event at the Eiffel Tower, which meant that we got to enjoy some VIP treatment and drink champagne from 200 feet above the ground.

I got to see my wonderful husband in a work setting, something I don’t get to experience often – being his usual, genuine self and feeling proud to stand by his side.

Plus he looked very dapper in his new suit.

When he had done his duty, we headed back to the hotel and ordered room service and ate burgers in our pants! (it was sooooooo hot!) It was awesome.