Transition Time

I have been MIA.

This little business of mine that comes from my heart and soul has had to be on the back burner because of some tough times.

Last month, I lost my sweet Bessie Boo

She became ill very suddenly and I had to make the heartbreaking decision to let her go.

Every ounce of my being didn’t want her to leave. But I knew it was time…an it really hurt.

In the 3 months prior to this happening, I had been busy organising a Pop Up Pug Pub as a fundraiser for Bessie’s rescue and another UK pug rescue. It was a lot of work – but work that I enjoyed because it is my passion. Then 2 weeks before the event, Bessie was gone and everything just hurt…all the time.

Yet here was this event, that had the focus of the national media, 160 people showing up with their tickets, 90+ pugs heading down to us. And there was still work to do.

So that became my focus. Raise money for the pug rescue that rescued my baby.

The event was wonderful. People were happy. The pugs were amazing. It was a fantastic day.

We raised over £300 for the pug rescue.

I came home that evening, sank into the sofa with a glass of wine and gave thanks for a wonderful day.

The next day – I cried….all day.

And since then I have allowed myself to grieve my girl.

And slowly, very slowly I am finding my new normal. I am allowing myself to love and delight in Bella without huge guilt that she is not Bessie. I am remembering the amazing times Bess gave us and not focusing on those last few moments of her life, which still hurt my soul.

sleep tight sweet girl….i’ll always love you x

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