Wall Transformation (for under £10)

Our little bathroom downstairs has had quite the transformation of late.

Yet there was still one little wall that seemed too blank.

I figured inspiration would come and i’d find a picture or a wall hanging and just lived with it for the last 6 months.

And then it clicked….Angel’s butterfly wall!

Anyone who has ever seen Escape to the Chateau has seen Angel’s butterfly wall. It is really eye-catching and has beautifully placed real butterflies. Its a little work of art and I knew that could be the answer to our little blank wall dilemma.

So, I started researching butterflies. There are plenty of taxidermy butterflies available and they are beautiful, but they are also very delicate and I just didn’t think that having something on the wall of a bathroom, that couldn’t be cleaned, would be the best idea.

Plus, I like seeing butterflies alive :o(

Upon doing some digging, I came across these little gems and for under £2 a pack of 12, I thought they were worth a look.

A few days later, when they appeared in the mailbox, I was pleasantly surprised.

They are sturdy plastic and come with their own stickers.

I have probably only used 20 of the 48 I bought and will live with them for a while before deciding whether to add more.

They certainly give a new dimension and whimsy to what was a blank little wall and for under tenner I think they have added another layer of beauty to a room that usually very plain and forgotten.

And I love them!

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