Winter is coming

There is a tangible change in the air.

The evenings are getting darker and more chilly.

The heating has started coming on and evenings are spent curled up on the sofa with not one but two pugs now. We have a new addition to our household, a little rescue pug, we started fostering 10 weeks ago. He has issues (don’t we all) and has been prescribed a plentiful supply of love, patience and hugs, to love him back to life.

We have noticed a huge difference in his behaviour in the time he has been with us, so we are thinking the prescription is working.

At first we were scared to have him around extended family and I debated whether I should be taking him along to the pug events I organise, but every step of the way he has grown and blossomed and become more accepting and happy and less angry.

That along with the last 6 months, have been a good lesson in trust for me – trust the process, trust that everything works together for good, trust the hard times and keep on keeping on.

Christmas is just around the corner and after that a new year to plan, dream about, enjoy. Major changes that have happened this year, have started to settle and a new rhythm has been found. A sense of peace and calm even during the moments that are filled with chaos. Lessons learned, as much through failure as through success.

Being mindful in each moment, whether good or bad, that this is how is it meant to be, right here, right now and the bad moments will pass, memories will fade and lessons will be learned, if we heed the warnings.

There are some huge decisions on the horizon, ones which have the power to change so much – but I have faith that all will happen, just as it is meant to.


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